Free Workshop – Experience Rapid Stress Relief Now* with Valee More

Experience Rapid Stress Relief Now*

A free workshop with Global Health Practitioner Valee More

Thursday 10 August 5.45pm – 7.15pm @ Wise Cicada  REGISTER HERE

Would you like more Peace in Every Area of Your Life?
With this simple process you can!

Can you imagine being able to rapidly relieve stress in any area of your life and the positive affect that will have on your inner wellbeing, on your relationships, work or money issues, health or pain?

In this experiential workshop discover:

  • What is good and bad stress
  • How to quickly relieve the first level of stress of anxiety or anger through visualisation
  • Rapidly dissolve your stress of the past that is impacting the present

The first level of stress is the adrenal response known as the fight/flight reflex which is the body’s survival mechanism.  Its purpose is to rapidly move the body into fighting or fleeing.  This reflex is stimulated whenever you perceive any form of danger.  In our world it is rare to have to run or physically fight, so eventually the body becomes overwhelmed with adrenalin which creates more stress.

By using a very simple visualisation you can radically change the impact of this stress in your life whether it was caused today or in the past.

After the initial stress response the mind evaluates what has happened which creates emotion.  These emotions build up over time if they are not released which produce more stress.  In this workshop I will share with you a very simple process that can rapidly dissolve these stressful emotions and bring you back to a place of peace.

*Please note that this workshop is not suitable for anyone with a very high level of stress, e.g. 8/10 or higher, or on psychiatric medication.  Please contact our Naturopathic Physician, Vanessa Ingraham.

Just 25 spaces for this opportunity so be in quick.





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