Free Natural Health Workshop with Naturopath Kathleen Buckton

Tuesday 15 August – 5.45pm – 6.45pm @ Wise Cicada Clinic

Do you struggle with Anxiety, Depression or find it difficult to fully enjoy life?

This workshop will delve into the topic of peak mental health and the current wellness solutions

• Its not all about Serotonin! The brain chemicals that lead to peak mental health and what testing is available. 
• Do mental health issues run in your family? – genetic factors and how to find out if you have them.
• The brain isn’t in a jar on its own! Other body systems can affect mental health including what is now being called your ‘second brain’
• Brainwaves and the electrical brain

Register now for this cutting edge free workshop as spaces are strictly limited.

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Learn More about Kathleen Buckton HERE

If registration no longer works – event is full – email to go on the waiting list for the next opportunity

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