‘All About Anti-inflammatory Foods’ Workshop & Dinner with Nutritionist Nisha Kumar Joon

A WORKSHOP with Nutritionist Nisha Kumar Joon
‘All About Anti-inflammatory Foods’

Monday 21 August @ Wise Cicada 5.30 – 6.45pm
Order Dinner Between 5pm -5.50pm
Workshop – 6pm -6.45pm

Dinner & Workshop Deal $20 per Person – Book Online HERE
Order anything you like from our organic, plant-based, gluten free a la carte menu, plus a coffee or tea.
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About the Topic:
The root cause of many twenty first century degenerative diseases and  health symptoms can stem from inflammation, acidity and oxidative stress. Health issues like cancer, diabetes, lung issues, bone health, depression, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, autism, chronic fatigue, excess weight, skin conditions, reflux, IBS and candida may be prevented or supported through diet and lifestyle.

All of these diseases influence each other in a negative cycle so your entire endocrine system, your digestive system, your liver, kidneys, heart, brain and more are impacted.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, balancing foods lead to a positive effect and influence. Book your space for this excellent ‘All About Anti-inflammatory Foods’ workshop and be empowered to  start eliminating oxidative stress, acidosis and inflammation from your body.

Once you make a start, you can revisit every three or six months to keep inflammation in check. This anti-inflammation workshop pathway may help you banish inflammation forever and in the process, your body will be better supported against sickness and disease. You may also experience greater energy, vitality and overall health.

Bookings HERE

Please note this workshop is limited to 18 people. If registration is no longer available please email friends@wisecicada to go on the waiting list.

We are going to be getting into more depth at our next follow on workshop. ‘The Anti-inflammatory Kitchen’ Monday 21 August 6pm. More Info Here


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