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Clinic Market Day – Sat 23 Sept – 12 -3pm

Clinic Services and Specials on the Day

FREE 20 Minute Holistic Wellbeing Presentations with John Coombs

Topic: Holistic Wellbeing 12.30pm – 12.50pm BOOK HERE

Holistic Wellbeing is a balanced integration of mind, body and emotional health with a focused attention on your life purpose or desired destiny.
This leads to a live well lived with a strong immune system and healthy relationships.
We have a team of people to help you achieve this. This talk describes some of the processes involved.

Topic: Epigenetics for Optimal Healing 1.30pm – 1.50pm BOOK HERE

Epigenetics involves the environmental influences which affect the behaviour of your genes. The science behind this has been researched since the 1960 s in medicall labs and the literature is compelling.
Holistic health systems are based on epigenetics with a range of ancient science and wisdom systems reaching the same conclusions about wellbeing as the contemporary research.
We discuss the various opportunities for cost effective optimal health and reaching for self mastery of your destiny.

Presenter: John Coombs

Free Blood Oxygen Testing
This is a chance to find out your current blood oxygen saturation levels and learn more about ozone therapy.
FREE In Store Testing 12-2pm
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Learn More in this Interview with Ozone Therapist Dr Wayne Mc Carthy


PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Mats
Natural low pulsating electromagnetic fields stimulate the cell’s metabolism which catalysts other positive processes in the body and may lead to an improvement in health without side effects. Come along to our clinic market day and take the opportunity to try a PEMF mat out. (Scientifically validated to help with acute and chronic pain, nerve damage, edema, high blood pressure, arthritis, fibromyalgia and much more…….)
8 minutes $10
16 minutes $16
24 minutes $20
Concession Cards Available Buy 10 – Get One Free
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Human Biofield Viewer
View and analyse your chakras, meridians and energy streams.
Special Concession Price $100 (Usually $120)
Sessions Between 2-3pm Sat 23 Sept
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Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis Testing
Sampling just a few strands of your hair could help change your life with the help of epigenetic mapping technologies and a personal optimization strategy. Cell Wellbeing is a state of the art hair analysis tool using CE approved systems and resonance technologies developed and supported from a company in Hamburg, Germany. You’ll receive a comprehensive 32 page analysis plus diet and lifestyle plan suggesting ways in which you can optimise your health.
SPECIAL MARKET DAY OFFER 45 min testing and consultation appointment $100 (Usually $150)
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Thyroflex Thyroid Function Testing

Over 85% accurate – immediate test results – non invasive – test for ‘Hyperthyroid’ or Hypothyroid’
Book Your Thyroid ‘Warrant of Fitness’ Check Up
Every cell in your body depends on thyroid hormone for optimal functioning. A regular thyroid function check can ensure that hormones, immunity, organ systems, weight management, plus skin and hair health are also in check.
SPECIAL MARKET DAY OFFER $110 (Usually $120)
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