Barbara Scott









ND, Dip Hom

Classical Homeopath & Naturopath


I have been a Natural Health practitioner working in general practice for 25 years.  Over this period I have had a practice at my home based clinic in Cockle Bay,  Auckland, in multi- disciplinary clinics in Grey Lynn and Mt Eden and more recently in London,  I have a love for natural medicine, working harmoniously with nature  and  being able to facilitate and guide one back to optimal health on all levels and enabling one to maintain this healthy state.


I have a particular passion for Homeopathy.  It is a safe and effective system of medicine practiced extensively around the world for over 200 years. A Homeopathic remedy is prepared from various substances from nature and when correctly prescribed and matched, stimulates the healing process, enabling the body to self-adjust to bring balance back on many levels. Homeopathy is particularly valuable for treating mental and emotional symptoms and conditions. However there are not many symptoms and  health conditions that it cannot treat once a well-prescribed remedy is matched and taken.  Homeopathy works on the basis of less rather than more,  which means the remedies work as a catalyst only and therefore once the healing process begins we stop taking the remedy and let the body continue its work. This may only take one or two doses initially .  Re dosing or re prescribing is only required when or if the symptoms return or you no longer improve.


My consultations are thorough and in-depth as I determine where and how a particular illness or in-balance may have originated and how it is affecting you as an individual. This will determine what treatments and remedies are required for you on a unique and  personal level.. The first consultation is extensive as I record and assess all relevant information about you.  This includes medical and family histories, diet, lifestyle, your personality, how you perceive the world around you and the particular complaint at hand. A follow-up appointment  will be made within 3 to 4 weeks to evaluate progress and on-going management.  Your treatment will also include nutritional and lifestyle adjustments where appropriate.


I am also available in the Health and Body Care section of Wise Cicada 3 days a week to help you with your personal shopping needs and enquires.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Barb is Available at Wise Cicada Clinic on Thursdays

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