Wise Cicada Clinic in association with Global Health Clinics is working to offer you regular health information evening opportunities on a comprehensive range of holistic health and wellbeing topics.

Here’s our ‘line-up’ of workshops and talks for October / November – Just follow the links for more info and to register.



Curate an Optimal Diet Based on Your Own Genetic Profile 
FREE Holistic Health Workshop with Adri Ferreira from Nutrisearch

Weds 1 Nov – 5.30 – 7.30pm @ Wise Cicada
Optional Dinner Ticket $20 Per Person (Includes Free Workshop an An Organic Plant-based Meal and Tea or Coffee at Wise Cicada Cafe)

Determine how effectively you metabolise starch from carbohydrates with a personalised genetic profile report of the AMY1 gene CNV.

Join Adri Ferreira (BA Comp Med, MSc Holistic Nutrition, ND) from Nutrisearch in an informative holistic presentation about your health and the ‘Fit Genes Carb Choice’ Testing system.

This very latest information on the role the AMY 1 gene plays in starch carbohydrate metabolism can help you curate your ‘perfect’ diet as designed by your own genes.

When you are NOT following ‘your own genetically ideal diet’ it may lead to gut dysbiosis and trigger other health issues.


15 Minute Body Unwinding Sessions with Practitioner Valee More Every Thursday

If you suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain, there is help.  Some people will live for years with pain before they think of going to see someone.

Experience a mini-session of body unwinding for aches, pain and stiffness.  It is highly effective and quick at releasing musculoskeletal issues as it releases the fascia that holds the body together.

15 Minutes – $25 – Service Available Every Thursday @ Wise Cicada 

Learn more about Valee More’s qualifications, vast experience and integrated approach HERE

To BOOK ph 09 529 9529 (Naturopath’s extension) or email


Rapid Stress Relief Sessions with Valee More
Every Saturday and Thursday @ Wise Cicada Clinic
25 minute classes available
$15 per person

Every Sat – 4pm – 4,30pm – 5pm

Thursday 1.15 – 1.40pm

TO BOOK – email to book or call 09 529 9529