Vanessa Ingraham

Naturopathic Physician, Integrative Primary Care

Dr. Vanessa Ingraham is a native Bahamian, who came to NZ three years ago on what was meant to be a 10-day work trip; to create a line of nutritional products sourced from local whole foods.  She fell in love with both Auckland and an Aucklander and now is lucky enough to call NZ her home. She practices functional and integrative medicine with a strong focus on hormonal concerns (adrenal/stress, thyroid, sex hormones), gastrointestinal and immune balance as well as helping her clients feel their best through addressing mood and mental health from a holistic and functional medicine approach. Dr. V has an eclectic practice incorporating acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, and heel homeopathics with her knowledge of conventional medicine.

Vanessa is available at Wise Cicada Clinic on Wednesdays.


Vanessa’s Services & Costs

Initial 1 hour – 295

Initial 45 min – 245


Followup 45 – 195

Follow up 30 -150